Why We Volunteer: The Burman and Fortinberry families

 Kim Fortinberry says my mom and dad, Eloise and Richard Burman, started volunteering for the J.P. Hall Charities.  After a few events, we saw the joy it brought them and decided, perhaps, we could make this a family affair.

While the girls and I were living in Texas at the time, we usually came home every Christmas and Thanksgiving, so we decided to start volunteering too.

Mom and I both felt that the girls needed to know the meaning of volunteering with an open heart.  At first, the girls were too young to do a lot, so they volunteered to help sort toys, decorate trees and do odd jobs at the Christmas Party.

To Kim Burman-Fortinberry, it is about being part of a bigger community.  A community that helps those less fortunate or those who are down on their luck.  As a pediatric nurse, I see all kinds of kids come through my office.  Children are my passion, so being able to help with JP Hall Charities brings me great joy. 

Eloise and Richard Burman are an important part of the J.P. Hall Charities.  Eloise makes the baskets for the Auction and spends hours decorating the trees at the Christmas Party.  She always adds a special touch to everything she does.  While Richard loves volunteering at the Christmas Party, he is best known for greeting all the guests at the Auction and the Scholarship Dinner.



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